Coach Moisturizer versus Apple Conditioner

Both Coach Moisturizer and Apple Conditioner are popular conditioner used by bag lovers to clean and maintain their handbags. Both conditioners have their benefits in helping to keep your bag in good condition. Following are reviews, comments found over the internet. As you notice most of the comments swing towards Apple conditioner but Coach moisturizer is just as effective if use on the right material

Coach warns not to use their own Coach Moisturizer on their own Madison pieces! Apple does not have any form of silicones in their product! Goodness, one can even use Apple on vachetta leather and there are not many products out there that are mild and safe enough to make that claim! JUST STAY AWAY from the Apple cleaner, that is a separate product and should not be used unless it is a last resort for trying to remove an otherwise permanent stain.

Apple works well on all leathers, while Coach cleaner & conditioner is only suggested for some bags.

Apple conditioner is the best. Coach conditioner can have adverse effect if used on the wrong bags.

Coach conditioner contains silicones which don’t allow the leather to breathe if I remember correctly.
Also, don’t buy the Apple cleaner, only the conditioner.