Gucci care tips for different materials

Coated canvas
Coated leather has a pigment-dye and a coat of polyurethane. Most people are interested in learning how to clean leather that has been coated as it is the most widely used type in common leather products. It is easier to clean leather that has been coated because there are more products available to clean coated leather. Compared to uncoated leather which is the natural, maintenance is much more easy

Pebble leather
Due to the texture of the bag it is one of the easiest maintain as stay forever fabulous

GG canvas
Compared to leather canvas is much more easier to maintain. One thing is doesnt scratch. However downside is it is more prone to staining like ink, food etc.

Calf leather
This is natural unprotected leather so it needs protecting from little scratches

IMO, Scratch easily, need care especially scuff marks at the bottom

Not common but this material needs care

Patent leather or patent PU has a very shiny, almost mirror like appearance. They are like Coated but the compound used are different. OK if used and put away between but don’t store for long periods of time

Glazed leather
Prone to scratching and humidity over time

The best quality