Bag Cleaning

How to care Chanel bag

Chanel handbags are made with the softest and finest leather. It can be easily ruined through mistreatment. Please take a note of the following.

  1. Make sure you store your handbag in a nice cool place out of the sun in a dustbag or cover preferrably. Direct sunlight will fade the color over time and cause discoloration.
  2. Do not use anything acidic to clean the bag. Only water and saddle soap. You can also take it to the Chanel store for them to professionally clean your bag for a fee. Never throw it into the washer!!
  3. Never put the handbag on the ground or on the floor, esp lighter color handbags. They soil very easy. Especially suede, canvas or light color handbags.
  4. Becareful of your blue jean color rubbing onto white or beige color handbags.
  5. Never allow newspaper to have direct contact with your handbags. Always use tissue paper when wrapping as the first layer. Becareful when shipping with plastic wrapping directly in contact with leather. High temperatures during shipping with train engines or airplane engines may melt plastic directly onto the leather which becomes permenantly unremovable.
  6. The twisted leather chain may put permanant creases onto the soft lambskin leather, so either pull the chain inside the bag for storage or hang the bag up somewhere  in your closet or use tissue paper to wrap the chain away from the bag’s lambskin leather.
  7. Ladies and their makeup many times will dirty the interior lining. You may want to use a ziplock or small pouch to place all makeup and lipsticks separately in your bag.
  8. Pens marks are also common and cannot be removed; either place your pen in a ziplock or small pouch or make sure you use a pen that pops in and out at the press of a button instead of pens with cap because caps fall off easily.
  9. The handbag corners are the most fragile, watch out when you turn corners or when you are in a hurry. Never bang your handbag onto furniture or the walls.

If you treat your handbag like your baby, they will last you a lifetime! In case, any leather or hardware needs to be re-dyed, replaced or fixed, take it to your local Chanel store for repair. They do take 4-6 months because they have to ship it out to New York and there is a fee depending on the type of repair. You can go to chanel dot com to find your local store near you.