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How to clean different material of a Louis Vuitton handbag

A Louis Vuitton bag contain different material that differ at different part of the bag, following illustrate the different method and cleaning product that is used to clean each part.


Vachetta is the untreated leather trim that is found on many Louis Vuitton bags. Since it is untreated, it has plenty of opportunities to pick up dirt and grime. It starts out almost white and eventually patinas due to air and use into a honey color.

It is important to treat it regularly to slow down the patina process and make it less susceptible to stains. One great leather protector is Shining Monkey Spray. It may darken the vachetta at first, but will dry clear. Apple Guarde and Kiwi also make a leather protector.

If your bag is getting a little grimy, you can remove surface dirt with baby wipes. Look for alcohol free ones, they don’t dry out your bag as much. Baby wipes are also excellent for blending in watermarks if you did not treat your bag.

If baby wipes don’t remove all of the dirt, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Dampen the eraser and gently scrub at the vachetta. If the dirt is set in, you may need a few applications. Allow vachetta to dry between each one. WARNING: While Magic Erasers are wonderful at removing set in dirt, they do strip the vachetta of its natural oils and dry it out. It is helpful to apply a moisturizer such as Apple Guarde or Coach Leather Moisturizer.




Mono and damier bags are made out of treated canvas. The canvas has been treated to withstand most everything. Baby wipes are excellent for cleaning up messes on canvas. Baby wipes are also great for Epi as it is treated leather!

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Damier Canvas Louis Vuitton Speedy 30, Epi

Vernis is Louis Vuitton’s patent leather. As with all patent leather, it is susceptible to color transfer. Once color transfer is on your bag, it is permanently there. There is no way to remove it. Take care as to where you set your bag (avoid newspapers or other printed papers) and avoid wearing a new pair of dark jeans with the bag. Basically if something can transfer onto you or other fabrics, be careful! Because with vernis it is permanent.

Scuffs: Over time, vernis may develop scuffs from use. These are white or black and sit on top of the vernis. The scuffs are different from color transfer, which actually permeates the patent leather. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a great product to get rid of scuffs. PLEASE USE LIGHTLY. If scrubbed too hard, it is possible to remove the top layer of patent from the leather. It is always better to scrub lightly and have to do two applications than rushing through and harming your leather.