bag stain

How to remove ink, stains, color transfer on your designer handbags

Method to remove that stubborn stain off your designer handbag

Stain Removal Method 1:

Spot Clean (Recommended): soap + water with toothbrush or damp cloth with gentle scubbing. REPEAT if needed. then air or blow dry. You can try using babywipes (non-alcohol) first.


Stain Removal Method 2:

You can try using toothpaste. Use a good cloth. Damp it. Then apply toothpaste on cloth and *go in circle* on the stain and you will the the patch darken. Fear not, use water and sort of rub / massage over the stain also in circle movement. Then hang to dry!
Following some Bag Cleaning Products (NO ammonia, peroxide, or bleach) that you may wish to consider:

  • stain remedy
  • apple guard
  • COACH cleaner
  • oxyclean + water
  • clorox stain pen (orange, NO bleach)