Meltonian Cleaner & Conditioner

Meltonian Cleaner & Conditioner Reviews

Meltonian Description

  • This is designed for cleaning and conditioning all types of leather grains
  • Wax free formula can also be used on reptile skins.
  • Helps promote the natural shine on leather while protecting against salt stains, water spotting and cracking.
  • May be used on all colors including white.
  • Water repellent. 7.5oz.

This product is highly recommended by The Purse Forum for Chanel Lambskin Bag

Step-by-step on how to use Meltonian to remove a spot

  1. Shook the bottle of the cleaner as instructed, then poured some of it on a clean soft cloth and evened the liquid out on the cloth
  2. Began wiping gently over the bag, concentrating first on the spot and IT TURNS BLACK!
  3. Freaking out over the discoloration but it was already a big splotch so what the hell, let’s go through with it.
  4. Started wiping gently all over the bag and realized that when it dries over time the original color is back
  5. Lightly buffing all over
  6. Buffing for quite a while on the spot.. But to no avail :( Maybe the spot has been there for too long?
  7. Now letting it hang dry and hoping it at least faded the spot a little