Cleaning Balenciaga Bag Tips

Following are some tips when it comes to your Balenciaga Handbag

Bag Cleaning Product recommended and used by many Balenciaga bag owners

  • Meltonian Cleaner and Conditioner
  • Apple Leather Care Conditioner

Meltonian is a popular brand which commonly used by Chanel and Hermes Bag Lovers as well.

Cleaning Tips

Both cleaners act as a mild cleaner to remove surface dirt and grime from your Balenciaga Bags while restoring the emollients of the leather. Gently rub and apply it evenly over the surface of the bag.

After conditioning the bag, you may want to spray a light mist leather protector  (like  Apple Garde Rain & Stain repellent which works well for most Balenciaga bags) to the entire bag to waterproof the bag .  Please do not apply the repellent by spraying into a cloth and rubbing onto the bag as this may cause the color to bleed.

Also be extremely cautious when cleaning the handles as over-rubbing may cause the color from the handle to come off.

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  1. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    There was a time I thought all materials used for all brands of bags are of similar nature. This article has made me aware that it is not so, and that there are also recommended caring materials to be used for the safe handling of these investments. I am glad I am able to come across this article. I should be sharing this article to all my friends.

  2. Lily
    Lily says:

    Yet again, more brilliant tips from you on bag cleaning :) I also think it’s good to point out (as, of course, you have) to give specific brands you know will work and also how is best to use them. Thank you very much.

  3. L. Greene
    L. Greene says:

    This website is really wonderful and resourceful! I’m going to try these techniques out as soon as possible. Thank you so much for sharing these tips with everyone. It’s great.

  4. karz
    karz says:

    Good thing to know these products. However, I’m just wondering where I could buy all of these?? Hopefully, I could use it on my other bags. It could really help me a lot in keeping my bags in good condition.

  5. Jac
    Jac says:

    Spraying too as an act. The author has delicately illustrated the preservation of cleaning Balenciaga bags. Its an art to make the bags or othewr items last for a ling time. Then one know the useful tips to preserve it so much the better

  6. Annie Smith
    Annie Smith says:

    Balenciaga Handbags are beautiful. Your tips on how to clean them are very helpful to me. At least now I know how to do it without damaging my bag. Thank you for giving me the idea of spraying a light mist leather protector after conditioning. I’ve never really thought of this great tip until I read this article.

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