Cleaning Tips for Leather Heels and Shoes

Leather shoes are more likely to sustain tough stains. Use white vinegar to clean them, followed by the application of cold pressed nut oil and olive oil. Leave these oils for sometime, so that the leather shoes can absorb them. Then with the help of a lint free cloth buff them to shine.

For cleaning leather clothing, you can try a mixture of castile soap, olive oil and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract. Essential oils can be added to this mixture, which will freshen the cloths by removing odor. Water, about ½ a gallon, should be added to this mixture before applying on the garments with a soft cloth. This not only cleanses, but also conditions leather garments.

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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    It’s so easy to scuff leather shoes and/or get them dirty, which is such a shame because all of mine are pretty much my favourite shoes! I really love the ideas you’ve shared here and will definitely be trying them myself, thanks :)

  2. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    Footwear requires more care and useful tips in handling them. This is why it is best for one to be able to understand the proper ways of handling these things. This article is able to share some tips and shed some light on the process of cleaning the leather heels as well as the entire footwear. It is quite an advantage for one to have that knowledge about these items and the ways of caring for them.

  3. Jing
    Jing says:

    This is a good method and I really love it. I learned useful tips to clean the leather heels and shoes from this article. This is quite useful as leather heels and shoes are quite important for females.

  4. karz
    karz says:

    This would really help me in taking care of my leather shoes. I never thought that the solution of the stain on my shoes can only be found at our kitchen. I will really try the tips you had shared. Thanks a lot!

  5. ryanyuan
    ryanyuan says:

    Very useful information. Very prefessional processing skill. Based on chemical reaction, all cleaning jobs seems become easy. I am glad to learning such living tips, which always brings us unexpected gain. All in all, thank you for your sharing.

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