How to care Chanel bag

Chanel carefully selects leather of the leather of the finest quality. It is integrally dyed to keep it soft and natural-looking (surface-dyeing hardens leather and gives a plastic-like appearance).

To preserve the beauty of your handbag for as long as possible. you should take the following precautions.

1. Always put it away upright, in the original felt case/box or bag (if you have it) If don’t have the original storage items, use another bag or box for storage. Pad the chanel bag with tissue paper to keep the shape. Make sure that the chains are not in contact with the outside of the bag as they may mark the leather. The simplest thing is to put them inside the handbag, in the tissue paper.

2. Do not over-fill your handbag, as this might spoil the shape irreparably, and strain the chain fasteners, zips and clasps.

3. The metal parts of your handbag are gilded with an alloy containing 24-carat gold, which is sometimes sensitive to sea air and the acidity of the skin, and may eventually wear off.
Clasps, chains ans other metal parts can be re-guided. Ask at a CHANEL boutique for an estimate.

4. The tanning methods used by CHANEL keep the leather soft so that the surface remains alive and permeable. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume and makeup.

5. Do not clean with products intended for other purposes, such as polish, turpentine, oil, spot removers, spirit or solvents.

6. Light-colored chanel handbags, particularly white and beige, are very vulnerable to dust and marks. bad stains are practically impossible to remove.

7. White Chanel Handbags are extremely sensitive to light, and the leather will turn yellow if is is exposed for too long to spotlights, fluorescent lamps, etc.

8. You can polish the leather gently a natural-colored soft woolen cloth. Do not rub with rough or abrasive materials.

9. If your handbag gets wet, do not wipe it but absorb the water by patting gently with a fine woollen cloth.

10. Greasy marks can be removed with unscented talcum. Sprinkle on the mark, leave overnight and brush off gently with a perfectly clean makeup brush.

11. Minor scratches can be rubbed off with a clean. dry finger. Press gently, with a circular movement. The finger should be free of any grease or moisture.

12. Do not attempt to repair more serious damage yourself. Consult a CHANEL Boutique or a good leather dealer.

Natural leather is one of the few materials which improve with age, acquiring a patina which enhances its appearance. If you treat your CHANEL handbag with the care which it deserves, you can enjoy using it for many years to come………… :)

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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    I really love all these great, detailed tips – it’s all so in-depth – it helps someone as clueless as me to be able to clean such expensive items if/when I need to! Thank you again for sharing all of this :)

  2. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    Chanel is definitely a very expensive brands with quality products. This is why cleaning them as well as using them require so much care and attention. A slight carelessness can actually damage these expensive investments. This article is able to provide the steps in cleaning these Chanel products. The careful steps are given for everyone to understand how to care for these, so as to avoid damaging them. I am glad this article is here to help.

  3. karz
    karz says:

    Thanks for sharing this site to me. Even though I do not have any Chanel bag. Still it would help me in cleaning my other bags. However, if I would have even one Chanel bag, I will really take good care of it and use the tips you have shared.

  4. R. Jeffs
    R. Jeffs says:

    After reading this article, I will take good care of my Chanel bag. It makes perfect sense not to over-fill your Chanel bag as it can irreparably change its shape over time. I will try to remember these tips to keep my handbag durable for many years to come. This website is simply an excellent source of information.

  5. ryanyuan
    ryanyuan says:

    This practical artical is also versatile for other brand bags. However, Chanel does a best job,such as choosing leather,dyeing and tanning method. we should take more and better care of Chanel bag.

  6. Jing
    Jing says:

    Chanel is a world famous brand and its bags are elegant and expensive. So learning how to care Chanel bags is necessary. This article provides us detailed methods to care Chanel bags. And our Chanel bags can be used for a long time and it is so worth.

  7. Jac
    Jac says:

    How scientifically explained this step by step method of caring for Chanel bag. Its worth following the instructions. The moderate families and house wives really need this instruction

  8. Jac
    Jac says:

    Spraying too as an act. The author has delicately illustrated the preservation of cleaning Balenciaga bags. Its an art to make the bags or othewr items last for a ling time. Then one know the useful tips to preserve it so much the better

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