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Clean your bag thoroughly if it has been lightly soiled. Leather handbags can get dull over time from oils on the skin and exposure to environmental factors such as perfumes or hairspray. Clean your leather bag once a week to reduce light soiling.

Empty out the contents of your purse to clean it. Run a lint brush or vacuum hose along the inner lining to collect dust. Add a few drops of mild liquid soap to two cups of warm water and mix until suds form. Dip a soft cloth in the water. Use the wet cloth to clean the outside of the leather handbag. Buff dry with another soft, dry rag.

Heavy staining can be removed in different ways. Grease stains can be simply wiped off. Ink stains can be removed by dipping a cotton swab into rubbing alcohol. Rub the stain with the dipped swab until it disappears, and then let dry.

Deep stains, such as blood, wine and food, should be cleaned with a paste. Mix together one part tartar with one part lemon juice and apply the paste liberally to the stain. Let it sit for ten minutes; then wipe it off. Finish by cleaning and drying the handbag as described above.

Recondition your leather twice a year to help it maintain flexibility and resist staining. Mix one part white vinegar with two parts linseed oil in a plastic bowl. Dip a rag into the solution and rub onto the leather in small circular motions. Let the vinegar solution soak into the leather for 15 minutes; then use a dry cloth to buff the leather to a beautiful shine.

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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    I can’t believe that something as necessary as this is something that I’ve never even thought of, never mind done myself with my own bag and purse! I’ve got a couple of nice leather bags I don’t use too often, but now I will definitely use them more since I know how I can get them looking good as (almost) new again. Thanks for all the tip! :)

  2. L. Greene
    L. Greene says:

    This website is really cool These cleaning tips are useful and can also work on all leather backpacks and pouches. Take care of your leather items and they should last for a good long time.

  3. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    Cleaning bags are not simple. It may seem to be simple, but the truth is, it is not. Extra knowledge has to be in the one who is handling bags so as to ensure the careful handling. This article is able to give a few tips on cleaning bags for free. The writer of this article deserves to be acknowledged and thanked for his efforts in bringing forth such knowledge to us.

  4. ryanyuan
    ryanyuan says:

    Thank you for your pretty practical artical. My bag always is full of messing stuff-food,pens,magzines,cellphone and so on. The disorder lets me headache. This weekend,we will execute my first cleaning and reconditioning job for my bag. And later, develop a good habit.

  5. karz
    karz says:

    This would really be a great help for me since I sometimes don’t think of any alternatives in cleaning my things. At least now, I had ideas how to clean my things by my own.

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