Louis Vuitton Cleaning Instruction for Monogram and Damier Collection

In this article , we shall examine how to clean the Monogram and Damier Collection from Louis Vuitton which are among the most popular styles of all of their bags. First let try to understand what sort of material is Monogram and Damier collection made of?  These bags are made from a coated canvas and trimmed with leather.

Few things to take note before you proceed cleaning your Louis Vuitton Designer handbags:

The coated canvas even though is some-what water resistant but it is  NOT WATERPROOF!  Take PROPER CARE for COATED CANVAS  (It can be easily wiped clean with a damp soapy cloth without harming the bag.)

The leather trim requires a bit more care. Louis Vuitton uses some of the most durable and finest leathers, so they will last for years and years with proper care. One leather, as seen on most Monogram bags (usually the handles or straps) is vachetta leather. This leather, when new, is creamy beige. With exposure to air, water, oils from your hands, etc., it will gradually turn darker over time and result in a beautiful honey color. Be careful! If you touch the leather with lotion or makeup on your hands it will leave unattractive smudges. Also carrying it in the rain is a bad idea, as this will make spots on the leather.

NEVER USE CHEMICALS OR CLEANERS on the leather as this will DAMAGE your leather and make it discolored or very dark!!!

If the leather becomes dry (from not carrying it at all) it can CRACK! Check your leather and see if it looks and feels dry. If so you can use a leather lotion. (Specifically made for leather)

The Damier Collection (the brown checks) is trimmed with a more durable leather. This leather can actually be wiped with a damp cloth and it should not change color over time.


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  1. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    With such an expensive investment like the Louis Vuitton bags, it is but natural for us to take extra care when handling and cleaning them up. This article has been able to make me understand the material of the Louis Vuitton bags better. With this, I can have the knowledge about it. I can also share this article to friends so that they too can gain extra knowledge about this item.

  2. Lily
    Lily says:

    I’m so glad I’ve read this! My best friend has had one of the Monogram Louis Vuitton bags for a few years – it was given to her for free and seemingly for no reason so we spent a lot of time making sure it wasn’t a fake! I’m glad I can show her this now and she can clean it up properly and carefully. Thanks for the details :)

  3. Annie Smith
    Annie Smith says:

    I’ve always treasured my Louis Vuitton because they are so pricey so I am so delighted with the cleaning instructions you shared here. I’m so thankful because through your article I learned that the coated canvas is not waterproof. Sometimes I am tempted to use chemicals to clean them but have not really done it. Now at least with your information, I will never ever think of using any chemicals on my LV bags. Thanks!

  4. James
    James says:

    A very informative and useful post. It is always a problem to have your hand bags cleaned perfectly without affecting its quality. I learned a new thing today. Thanks

  5. Sanofer
    Sanofer says:

    It is really an informative topic about cleaning Louis vuitton following the details said above,I can increase the lifetime of my products.thanks for the info

    • Halima
      Halima says:

      It is really an informative topic about cleaning Louis vuitton following the details said above,I can increase the lifetime of my products by saving it from damage and cracks.thanks for the info.

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