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Barbara J Crouthamel, Founder of Lovin My Bags which offers full Handbag Restoration services as well as Handbag Beauty Care Products. In 2003, Barbara received her Interior Design Diploma from Sheridan College. She started using her design skills on leather, designing hand printed leathers. Her leathers have been used on Designer furniture pieces and most recently as part of her Exclusive line of Designer Leather Handbags.

Barbara has an International flair – having lived four years in Istanbul Turkey, she developed a love for design and diversity that is revealed in her leather fashions.

Lovin My Bags grew as an extension of the Handbag Design business. In 2006, after a trip to Italy, Barbara realized the need for leather care specifically designed for handbag leathers. She immediately collaborated with husband Gary, who develops leather restoration systems and products, and created Lovin My Bags, the only Company in the world that creates leather care products and services exclusively for Designer Handbags

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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    Wow, I bet this lady really got some great inspiration from all of the lovely design styles she must have seen around Istanbul when she was in Turkey! I’d always prefer to have a leather bag or piece of furniture designed/created by someone who has travelled and seen such a variety :)

  2. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    This article has made me aware of the company called LovinMyBags. I never thought there were such companies that would provide such services. After reading this article, I have learned that this company is credible enough to take care of my investment. I think this article has to be read by more people for them to be aware of such company like LovinMyBags.

  3. karz
    karz says:

    If you really have the passion at your work, it would be greatly appreciated. Just like Barbara, she is indeed dedicated to her works. And amazingly she continually shares ideas or products like leathercare that would surely improve our ways in taking care of our bags.

  4. ryanyuan
    ryanyuan says:

    The story tells us the both course of Lovin My Bags,especially main activity of the protagonist-Barbara. However, what i focus on is not this. That is another couple collaborating wisdom. It is admiring-both love and success.

  5. Angel Lucero
    Angel Lucero says:

    Barbara has a very impressive background! I am really convinced that Barbara has international flair because she is so clever and wise in her business strategies. A handbag restoration services is what we need to preserve our favorite bags and also those with sentimental value. Thanks to Barbara for coming up with this kind of business.

  6. James
    James says:

    Great post. I like to women carrying stylish bags and I am thinking of giving someone these bags for a gift. I love the design and quality of these bags and hope these bags will get even better in the future.

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