Dun rub off the color when cleaning your Balenciaga bag

Take special care when you are cleaning your Balenciaga bags. Take note that the leather color can easily be removed with a damp cloth especially when you are using a bag cleaners

Over Rubbing is not recommended on those new finishes unlike the earlier version that could tolerate even the strongest of chemicals.

Therefore it is important when you are cleaning your new Balenciaga, first check your cloth for color rub off – if you see color at all STOP cleaning.

If you are not confident to clean your own bag, it is best to send to a professional cleaner that provide bag cleaning services

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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    This is going to be so useful to me (hopefully in the near future) – I’ve recently seen a really lovely Balenciaga bag that I wish I had the money for right now! I’ll bookmark this article now because it will be very useful to me if I manage to get the money together for my new bag :)

  2. Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz says:

    Bags are usually expensive investments, whatever the brands may be. It is therefore very important for us to understand the proper handling procedures and how to take care of them. As for cleaning off the dirt, one should not just rub hard on the surface as the color might also get rubbed off. That is what I have learned from this article.

  3. karz
    karz says:

    I actually don’t have Balenciaga bags but I heard this kind of bag before. It seemed that this bag must be cleaned carefully. A professional cleaner may really helped you since then. But I prefer, do the cleaning on your own. It’s better to take care your bag with your own hands.

  4. Annie Smith
    Annie Smith says:

    Yes I think it is better to just send my Balenciaga Bags to professional cleaner because this will assure that my bag is given proper cleaning and no chances that it will ever get ruined. I never really know rubbing is not recommended on those new finishes. I have two new finishes and I’m glad I’ve read this article.

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