Bag Cleaning Services Review – Colorwash, Mandarin Gallery

This is a second part of my Bag Cleaning service review in Singapore after sending my Louis Vuitton speedy 30 to Cleanique at lucky plaza, this time I decide to check out the Colorwash located at Mandarin Gallery

This time round , the cleaning professional was much friendly. As there was a color transfer stain on my bag, she educate me on how to avoid colour transfer in the future. She told me sometimes partial colour touch-up or even complete colouring may be required inorder to restore the bag if the colour transfer is really bad. For my case, it is not too bad so such services are not required.

Verdict: I am pleased with the cleaning service as the color transfer was 99% removed. The staff said good thing I brought the bag in earlier. Another I like about them is they polished the metal parts of the bag to shine.