Chanel Classic Jumbo

Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag in Lambskin leather or Caviar leather?

If you are choosing between Chanel lambskin or Caviar for your Chanel Classic Jumbo/Large Flap Bag, following explain the differences between them:

Chanel lambskin. Its soft velvety feel and richness is something I can’t compare with anything. The metallic handle and Chanel trademark will certainly contrast beautifully against the creamy softness of the lambskin. But the klutz that I am will, no doubt, mutilate the poor thing to pieces in no time. I’d have it scratched, and stained, and scraped with my clumsiness. The lambskin leather has to be treated with extra care. An owner has always to be on the lookout for potential dangers to it. It’s like watching and protecting a baby. In other words, a Chanel made of lambskin leather is high maintenance or it will not last. And the Chanel was supposed to be an heirloom to my grandchildren!

Chanel Caviar. It’s as tough and sturdy as the stingray where it came from. It is textured, it can withstand stain and water (of course, it’s been in water all its life). Its beauty is on its stylish designs and tough grain. It takes shape on its own unlike the lambskin. It will take my bullying. Cleaning and maintaining it will be very basic. I can use it anytime, anywhere. It will be my all-weather Chanel. It will be my only Chanel. And it will last for generations.