Handbagspa.co.uk – Bag Cleaning Services in UK

Handbag Spa Limited, is founded by its Managing Director, Hari Sian. Handbag Spa Limited believe that designer leather handbags are an essential statement accessory for every woman.As such, they prides itself on providing an excellent service to its customers and will always endeavour to meet customers’ requirements.

Handbag Spa Limited offer an exclusive after-care service for all designer leather handbags. A range of repair services and luxurious treatments are available which have been sourced by market research to protect the longevity of all those important good quality leather handbags.

Handbag Spa do also repair and restore other leather goods such as clothing, watch straps, luggage, golf bags, and briefcases.

For more detail, please visit http://www.handbagspa.co.uk/