How to clean and maintain white bags

Owning a handbag or purses in white is a great alternative to usual the blacks and browns. If you want to make a fashion statement, ivory is the safest bet to stand-out among the sea of neutrals. Just for Spring 2013, white is still a go-to color for various designers and with its sleek and  clean effect,  wearing it from head to toe is possible. But for those who are not comfortable in wearing white all over, carrying a bag in this pristine hue is the surest way to stay on trend. White brightens any mood and can break a monotonous and somber get-up any time. White handbags have become a fashion staple, with high end brands releasing their own version in various designs every season, so there is surely a perfect bag to match any outfit.

However, unlike its darker counterpart, there has been pressing concern of maintaining white bags. It tends to get more high maintenance, as it constantly needs to be cleaned and stored well to preserve its color. A lot of those who bought their most coveted ivory treasure has complained of stains, color transfer, and turning yellow or cream. Bags in this particular shade have since then become elusive to everyday women, specifically those who want a carry all they can lug around every day, whether for work or play.

Luckily, there have been several solutions to keep white bags as pristine as possible. Since bags come in different materials and structures, it is best to follow recommended cleaning procedures from its manufacturer. A lot of brands sure have cleaning instructions which come with every purchase. Cleaning white is very tricky so caution must be observed. Bag aficionados especially those who favor leather purchase leather protectant spray which sometimes comes with the bag itself. Another solution is to use saddle soap, a mixture of mild soap and softening ingredient, and beeswax. A good leather cleaner and wipes in the same shade can be effective solutions to this dilemma. These products are readily available in the market and can be used for quick cleaning anytime. Some bags can withstand simple solutions such as water or water repellent spray, but it is still best to make sure if the materials of your precious piece can be cleaned with these materials. A very important point in cleaning bags is to never rub the material with any other cleaning conditioner other than what was specified. The product and the friction from the bag can only worsen the condition instead of cleaning it, plus it can wear off the color.

Owning a white bag can be very tricky, but with proper care, you will have a lasting relationship with your favorite bag for a lifetime