How to remove cigarette smoke odor from a leather purse

Leather purses are favourite fashion pieces. The genuine leather material ages gracefully and stays very useful and elegant through time. This makes leather purses items “to die for”, whether brand new or second hand. But stylish leathers have this undesirable characteristic to absorb odors and retain it for a long time. This is especially true for odors such as cigarette smoke. Whether you acquired the bag from a previous owner who smokes, or you yourself are responsible for that awful mark on your bag, it’s not fashionable that your nose puckers when you smell your bag.
You may have tried several ways to remove the bad smell, to no avail. It is unimaginable to get rid of the bag just because of the stubborn stink. So, how exactly does one get rid of the undesirable whiff from the good all-weather leather purse? Before spending more money trying to find a way, try these simple home-tried ways to get rid of that disturbing smell every time you open the purse.
1. Try it with a touch of vinegar. Wet a soft cloth in white vinegar and use this to completely wet all interior and exterior surfaces of the bag. Let the bag dry.

2. Or you may air-dry it with clothes drier sheets. Open all compartments of the bag and place clothes drier sheets inside each compartment. Close all flaps and zips. Air-dry in the drier for 30 minutes with no heat.

3. Or see if kitty litter does it. In the same way that kitty litter reduces odor from cat litter, it will absorb the stink from the bag. Buy clay kitty litter, put it in an open plastic and place inside the leather bag for 2 days to be sure.

4. And do you know that active charcoal is another odor-absorber? Get a large plastic bag of charcoal briquettes. Place the bag inside but separate them with a thin sheet of paper or plastic. Close the plastic bag. In 3 days, the charcoal should have finished attracting and interacting with the odors.

5. Or if those things still don’t work, you may try a dose of soda and rays of sunshine. Put the thing in a pillowcase, cover it with soda to completely fill every nook and cranny. Close or tie the open end of the pillowcase. Let the soda do its work for 2 days at most. With cloth dipped in warm soap and water, wipe the soda off the bag. Look for dear sunshine and lay the purse flat. Check every time and flip over wet areas until totally dry.
One method may not completely remove the stink, but it will significantly decrease it. With the other methods and with time, that stink will surely be gone in a whiff.