How to remove ink stain from leather bag

Please bear in mind that removing Ink from a leather bag is not as straight forward as some DIY websites has indicated. First you must decide what sort of leather is the handbag, is it finished or unfinished leather. Adopting the wrong method may do more harm than good.

What they did not tell you about using hairspray/WD40?
All these other solvent cleaners is very risky as it can make the matter far worse as it can spread the ink over a bigger area and can sometimes then be impossible to fix.

What they did not tell you about using Alcohol?
Using alcohol, perfume, etc. can also be risky depending on how stable the finish is. If the finish is unstable this would remove pigment form the leather.

Nail varnish remover or any other solvents will also remove the finish and pigment which will need replacing.

What they did not tell you about using baby wipes?
Baby wipes as they are about the worst thing you can use on a leather as they break down the finish and will eventually ruin it.

Please do not try milk or toothpaste these are silly ideas that will leave sticky residues on the surface which will help to break down the finish on your leather.

What they did not tell you about using eraser?
Eraser should not be used to clean leather in any circumstances (we have just tested these) and they will remove finish and pigment along with the ink. We have just tested these and they really do a lot of damage on leather. They act like a fine sandpaper and remove the finish.

We should advise all to seek professional help when it comes to situation like this