How to take care of Chanel lambskin handbag

Leathers are designer item favorites because of their characteristic texture and durability. They come from a variety of skins. But wherever they come from, they don’t come cheap. When choosing leather, one has to be informed about the different characteristics of leather, the process they went through, and the care they require.

Lambskin leather, for instance, is an extremely soft and supple kind of leather. Lambskin handbags have that velvety smoothness that invites a touch. Very few other materials have that unique characteristic, which also happens to be the material’s drawback. It needs utmost upkeep because it is very delicate. Understanding that the lambskin comes from the hide of a young sheep, it is easy to understand the material’s fragility and tenderness. Sheepskin comes from a more mature lamb, so it is naturally sturdier and thicker. Lambskin leather needs to be treated like the baby that it is.

If you have a lambskin leather fashion item, this is the mothering that it needs.

  1. The best care for lambskin is to prevent possible stains, dents, spills, or tears.
  2. Use dry and clean terry cloth to wipe it off clean. Don’t use water. This will result to spots, which are not only unsightly but these will also weaken your leather.
  3. When a stain is stubborn, it is better seek professional leather-cleaning service. They are the authority when it comes to leather stain removal. By scrimping on the budget, you may damage the leather. It’s just not worth it.
  4. Never store your leather bags inside plastic bags. This is true for your lambskin leather bag, it is best to keep it in a breathable box or dust bag.
  5. The lambskin bag must be kept with space around it, and nothing on top or pressing on its sides. It is even good to stuff it inside with soft fluffy materials so it will retain its shape while sitting in its storage.
  6. If a metallic chain is attached to it (like a strap), this is a potential source of dents or scratches. It is best to tuck this inside the bag.

Not all leathers are created equal. Lambskins are the most fragile. And they need tender loving care.