How to waterproof your bag

Constantly protecting your handbag from water, rain and getting wet is never possible. This explain why it is always important to water proof your handbags as overtime this will result in permanent water stain on your designer leather handbags.

The first step in waterproofing your handbag is to purchase a well-reputed brand waterproof spray or water repellant. Some of the popular brands include Appleguard, Vectra, Collonil, Shining Monkey and LovinmyBags. Make sure you read the instruction clearly before you proceed as some spray cannot be used on untreated leather or canvas while others can.

Before you start spraying, please make sure you clean your leather bag thoroughly. Clean the interior body and then wipe the exterior of the entire bag with a clean damp cloth. Some brands has their own bag cleaning solvent that you may consider using.

To begin, test the spray on a hidden part of your bag to notice any discoloration or change in the texture. Let the spray dry for at least 24 hour. If you don’t notice any negative sign, you can continue.

In some case, spraying it may result the entire leather to slightly darken.