How to take care of a Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes bags are a little expensive but well worth the investment because they are very chic and fashionable. You can’t help but carry them around every chance you get which makes them prone to dust and dirt. Even Hermes bags need maintaining and cleaning if you want it to last for years even if it might not register to you until you need to have it cleaned. But despite what Hermes would have you believe, you don’t need to have your bags professionally cleaned.  True, it is recommended and highly advisable but did you know that you could save on that expense by preserving and cleaning them yourself? Here’s how you do take care of your valued handbags.

The number one rule on caring for your handbag is, well, not to be careless about it.  That means you should be very deliberate about where you put it and always be conscious of the things you put in it. It is really amusing to carry a Hermes bag but it is so easy to forget about where you place it once it leaves your arms. This is why you have to practice mentally picturing your handbag’s whereabouts until it becomes a habit. Similarly, you have to inspect and be aware of what you put in your bag. Be sure that every item is securely capped to prevent spillage and avoid pointy and sharp objects that could damage the inside of your bag. Such damages are most likely irreparable so it is best to prevent them.

Regularly clean your bag once a month. Your bag’s outer surface can gather dust and dirt particles which could quickly accumulate into unsightly stains which could become permanent marks if you don’t maintain it. A monthly schedule is an appropriately spaced schedule because you don’t want to tear the leather away from too frequent cleaning. Cleaning your leather bag is in itself actually a very simple exercise. Surprisingly, all you really have to do is use baby wipes in lightly wiping off the dirt on the bag. Alternatively, you can use special and specific leather wipes if you prefer it. Just be sure that you never use wet cloth on your bag. There are Hermes handbags made of both cloth and leather and they are a little trickier to clean. Luckily, there’s a unique fabric cleaning solution for that which you could procure from Hermes to clean the cloth. Clean the leather parts as previously prescribed.

Of course, you also have to clean the inside of the bag as well. You can use a gentle vacuum to remove dirt and residues inside your handbag. Or you can dust off the insides if you are uncomfortable using a vacuum on you Hermes bag.

In terms of storage, don’t put them inside boxes. Instead, use a dust bag which lets the leather breathe and keeps it away from direct sunlight. Speaking of exposure to sunlight, everyday use of the bag could shorten its good condition. This is where purchasing other Hermes bags become more beneficial investments.