apple leather care cleaner

How to Use Apple Leather Cleaner

Just like our skin, our most valued bags also need the correct moisturizer care. For most bag users, it is not typical for them to know how to take care of their expensive bags. Thanks to the new and absolute way of bag care.

Bag Care: Apple Leather Care Kit

This kit will help you take care of your leather bag and quickly eliminate dirt away from the bag. It consists of the following:

  • 1 piece of cloth
  • 4 oz. Leather care
  • 3 oz. Leather cleaner
  • 1 leather care brochure

About Apple Leather Cleaner: How to Use Apple Leather Cleaner

This is identified as an aggressive cleaner that is created to carefully clean leather bags. It can be very harsh for some leather bags like Louis Vuitton as it is pre-treated leather. Apple leather cleaner is free of oils or any other chemical additions that may hinder with the process of cleaning. It can remove excess oils, soil, grease and food from leather.


  • Clean piece of cloth
  • Apple Leather Cleaner
  • Apple Leather Care kit. Including Apple Leather Care Conditioner

Follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Prepare the bottle and shake it.
  2. Pour a small portion on the leather bag.
  3. Use a piece of cloth and do small twirls on it.
  4. Continue doing it until the lotion is absorbed, flip over and do the same.
  5. Once done, leave for a couple of hours.
  6. Use another cloth to polish and shine the leather bag.
  7. Do the same procedure for the handles, but avoid the threads and fabric along the zipper.

Why Use Apple Leather Care Conditioner

Although Apple Leather Care is a good formula for cleaning leather bags, it is still highly recommended that an owner also use Apple Leather Care Conditioner.

This is a wax-free leather conditioner that is created to clean smoothly, condition and maintain leathers like naked, exotic, finished and simulated. It can protect the bag against stains like body oil, grease, perspiration and wine. It is absolutely safe to use on light colored leather as well as finished leather.

To add more protection on your leather bag, you can also follow it up with Apple Garden Rain and Stain Repellent. Do not use this on Nubuck or suede types of bags.

A few reminders before cleaning

Before proceeding to cleaning up your leather bag using Apple Leather Cleaner, always perform a test patch to make sure that the formula is completely compatible with the bag. It is better this way instead of proceeding to cleaning up the whole bag and realizing that it is not compatible with the cleaner.

Before using the treatment, always make sure that you shake the bottle very well to thoroughly mix the formula. Additionally, do not damp cloth on the entire bag with the Apple Leather Cleaner on it. It is best to avoid the fabric and edges near the zipper, because it may create stains on it.