Apple brand leather care rain and stain repellent review

Leather handbags need protection from rain and chemicals that we encounter daily like our sweaty palms can damage the handbag. Many have recommended Apple brand rain and stain repellent spray.

There are many other sprays and leather guards in the market, so why opt for Apple brand? The reason is that it provides a perfect finish to your items, giving the materials a long life and extra strength. After testing the product, we can find mixed results. Not everyone seems to be satisfied by the end results but most of them gave a positive feedback.

It seems like every blog and bag forums are recommending the Apple spray for expensive bags and shoes. The main reason is that it really works well on almost all the products and protects them from all kinds of stains. It’s recommended to spray the leather guard all over your bag and shoes before walking out in the rain and other extreme weather conditions. It’s also good for your leather coats as it repels water stains.

So, is that enough information on this Apple brand leather care rain and stain repellent? After discussing the magnificent benefits of the spray, we shouldn’t forget about the drawbacks. For example, the result of Apple brand on waxed suede is somewhat different. It’s been seen that the original color of the suede fades and becomes pale. Now that’s something we wouldn’t want to see on our waxed Frye boots. Another thing which questions the quality of this product is that it doesn’t repel water properly. Although, it protects the leather but it still soaks up water, which results in stains. Imagine what could happen if you accidentally spill some wine on your precious leather shoes or bag. That been said, most bag lovers who use Apple brand leather care rain and stain repellent still love the result.

In short, I would personally not recommend the Apple spray on waxed products but other fabric such as leather or PVC should work well. When using it, it is recommended that you let the spray dry for at least 24-48 hours. The chemicals will not hurt the leather at all; it will keep it safe and brand new. You will love the results, just keep your things safe.