Collonil waterstop spray review

The Collonil Waterstop Spray 200ml is a product made from Germany designed to provide waterproof protection for different types of smooth leather. It seems to have won the approval of many. See what others had to say about this leather care product.

The Collonil Waterstop Spray has been commended for its excellent waterproofing protection. After using the products, some users claim that their leather bag or shoes have been protected completely from light drizzles to a downpour of rain (10 minutes long). They say that no drop of water goes through. There have also been accounts of some leather being spilled with sour cream and with vinegar, after they have already applied the Collonil Waterstop Spray, and to their utmost delight, after wiping off immediately and after an hour, respectively, there was no trace of any stain on their leather.  It was also noted to protect against color transfers from jeans. Having been protected with Collonil (before the color transfer), wiping the color off with a rag with some leather cleaner was enough to bring the leather’s original color back. In addition, some recount that their Chanel, oak Elgin, Paul Smith, Blenheim, olive Phoebe, chocolate Roxanne, Hanover, Annie, Tyler, and Taylor leather assumed a “soft glow,” a “silky”and “glossy” exterior and a “lovely sheen”with no changes in color/shade after they have applied the Collonil Spray.

This Collonil product did not escape criticism though. One complained that upon application to a Bayswater, its texture turned from a supple soft grain leather to a smooth one which squeeks when rubbed. There was also an instance of an oak Roxanne turning a much darker shade after application of the spray.   And many agree that during application, the spray produces a very offensive potent odor. After completely drying, however, the foul odor will be ultimately removed.

For the proper use of the product, different methods have been advised. One is to spray lightly without getting your leather “wet” but it has to be done several times. The other is to spray the leather until it drips. Both ways reported satisfactory results. It is further recommended, though, that the spray is reapplied every once in a while, for continued protection. The leather should be left to dry completely before being covered up. Additional advice given is to ensure that the application is to be made outdoors because of the very strong stench it creates. To ensure the safety of your leather, follow the guidelines in the care card or call customer service. One said however, that it is better to have your bag darkened a few shades and protected, than to have it damaged when you have opted to forego of protection.