Meltonian All-purpose Cleaner & Conditioner reviews

When it comes to cleaning and conditioning all types of leather grains such as gloved, smooth and distressed leathers, Meltonian All-purpose Cleaner & Conditioner has always been popular! It is special wax-free products that can generally use in almost all types of leather. I love using it because it does not affect the natural shine of leather while giving it a protection against salt stains, water spots, and even cracking. I can also use it on my two-toned shoes. It can also be used in all types of reptile skins.

It is not effective on removing stain. And though it can be used in cleaning and conditioning all types of leather grains, it is not advisable to use on suede, nubuck, or napped leathers. May change the color of your leather if not properly applied or use. It is a little bit pricey. It downsized from 7oz. to 5 oz. without lowering down the price.

This must-have Meltonian All-purpose Cleaner & Conditioner is all you wanted to clean and condition almost all types of leather that you have. A little bit expensive compared to other brands around but it works effectively on gloved, smooth and distressed leathers. It can be used also as protection against stains (but cannot remove stains), water spots and cracks. It had been downsized but have the same price as its original size. Don’t use it on suede, nubuck or napped leathers because it surely won’t work. And as a reminder please try to purchase the original Meltonian All-purpose Cleaner & Conditioner. Make sure that you apply it on the right shoes or leather. Refer to the directions on how to apply it before actually applying it to your leather products to avoid any unnecessary results such as changing of colors.