Not all purse organizers insert are safe to be used

Purse organizer inserts are bags that you put inside your handbag to keep the things inside organize but not all purse organizer are safe to be used. What is so unsafe about this purse organizers are, we found out that some of these purse organizers can transfer color dye onto the interior of your handbag.

To put this into test, we recently cut some material off from a purse organizers and decide to it into rubbing test.

To conduct this test at home, you will need a pair of white sock.


You then take the white sock and rub vigorously onto the surface of the fabric of the purse organizer insert.


We were surprised to learn that the color dye of the material from the purse organizer actually transfer onto the white sock. Do you notice the red dye on the white sock?


Just image when it is inside your handbag and keep rubbing against the interior of your handbag. Over time, will the color dye to transferred to the interior of your handbag?

If you are using a purse organizer now, we recommend you to check how safe is your purse organizer is by conducting this test we did as well.