Why a Purse Raincoat for handbag is so important!

Recently we interviewed a popular purse cleaning specialist and asked her what is the most common problem she find on purses that were send to her shop for cleaning. Without much hesitant, she replied “Water Stains”. If you have no idea what “water spots” are, they are stains found on handbags that were most commonly formed when your handbags are exposed to rainwater or snow. Without proper cleaning, these permanent water stains developed on your handbags.

There are few ways to prevent water stains from forming on your handbag. One is of course not to bring your favourite leather handbag out on a rainy day. Second is to use some of these water repellent stain to waterproof your handbag. This method is not recommended for all handbags as it may cause your leather to darken and leave a foul odor. The third method is a fairly interesting one and that is to protect your handbag by using a purse raincoat.

If you have no idea what a purse raincoat is, it is basically a raincoat that is designed specifically for handbags. The concept of a raincoat for handbag is not something new. Hermes is one of the few companies that actually provide a rain cover for their Birkin for free. If you are don’t own you can consider buying it from CloverSac. Following is a photo of a purse raincoat by CloverSac.


To fit your handbag, all you need to do is to velcro the top opening to the handles of your handbag.


CloverSac also solve your problem of having a drenched purse rain cover after using it by using double zip lock bags for easy storage.

Purse-rain-cover-CloverSac-Zip-lock-bag-2b Purse-rain-cover-CloverSac-Zip-lock-bag-3

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